The Examination of Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP) is the North American verification and analysis of skills for becoming
licensed to practice psychology in the United States and Canada.  The exam itself covers a wide range of content areas within the area
psychology as defined by the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards. The goal of this examination is to rate the
candidates competency in psychology  using a standard grading system based on best psychology  practices which ensure
the safety of the patient, informed decision making and evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of a patient with mental disorders.

Each state has specific requirements for taking the exam and necessary passing score the exam. A bachelor’s degree with pre medical
program courses in usually required as a first step in the overall process of becoming a psychologist as this foundation will be important
in performance of day to day activities. Also most states require a set number of qualifying supervised
hours by a trained mental health professional or high level licensed psychologist to be completed for candidates professional

EPPP video review content areas:
Biological bases of behavior (11% of the exam)
Cognitive-affective bases of behavior (13%)
Social and multicultural bases of behavior (12%)
Growth and lifespan development (13%)
Assessment and diagnosis (14%)
Treatment and intervention (16%)
Research methods (6%); and ethical, legal, and professional issues (15%)
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